In the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, music continues to be a dominant force in the lives of Southwest Virginians. It’s this heritage that helps create the bonds that hold communities together through song and celebration and it is this tradition that brought together the members of UNCLE BUCK. Each with a distinct background steeped in the traditional music of their individual communities, they have come together to pay homage to their musical predecessors and to create new visions based upon their observations. 

UNCLE BUCK is essentially an acoustic music project founded by Steve Anderson, Ray Carhart and Ray Williams in 2015 which focuses on blending their unique vocal harmonies with their instrumental and songwriting skills. Their live performances incorporate various styles of music with special attention to their original compositions, traditional country, folk and soft rock tunes – but no limits are placed on telling an effective story. 
Member Bios: 

UNCLE BUCK is an amalgamation of the talents of many regional and local musicians who collaborate on each other’s musical projects but the core of the group is currently:

RAY WILLIAMS – is a singer/songwriter/bassist whose musical roots harken him back to the doo-wop, blues and soul of the 60’s even though his musical journey has lead him to hold down the bottom-line for country, jazz, soul, alternative, bluegrass and rock bands. 


STEVE ANDERSON – a singer/songwriter/ guitarist whose family musical history has evolved from the stylings of front porch bluegrass and traditional folk music and its intersection with his Greek heritage. Steve fronted several regional bands as lead and/or rhythm guitarist before developing his own songwriting endeavors.

RAY CARHART – is a singer who has spent time on both sides of the microphone most recently as a travelling sound engineer for several local and regional acts. Rooted in country and soul-styling of the 60’s, Ray feels a strong draw towards ballads and storytelling modes of musical expression.